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Every project is personal to Ithaca Steel, and every project has a story.

If you ever find yourself driving  south down the Maine Turnpike | I95 and look to the right you will surely see this 80'x160 in Lewiston.

A project where the owner built the structure to suite a tenant and budget and timeframes we're of extreme importance.  Ithaca Steel delivered.  Budget NEVER changed and timeframes we're met.

**As much as we like referrals, please don't disturb the tenants.  They have been very gracious with their time, but we don't like to interrupt their workday to talk about steel buildings.*That's our passion!*



A steel building project for a well respected farm and winery in Cape May New Jersey.

Being used as a food Co-op for regional farmers, this project was not only for our client.  But the community, the region, really the whole state of New Jersey.

With custom colors to match their brand, and a complex design, Ithaca Steels estimating, design and engineering teams knocked it out of the park.

Without using an architect!!


Part of project was also paid for using using grants.  So it was imperative the steel price never changed, and it did not. 

Untitled design (23).png

32,000 Square Foot Office Warehouse For National Painting Company

A warehouse and office for the company that painted the Golden Gate Bridge?

Yes, we are in!!

Twin Garages In Newcastle California

"My neighbor wants the exact same building."

Untitled design (37).png

A 5,000 square foot

indoor/outdoor RC Racetrack

50'x100'x16' with 4' Overhangs

Whenever you are in Michigan.

Visit Midway Sports and Entertainment in Taylor, Mi.

Guaranteed fun!!!


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