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  • Chris Hampton

Competition in the steel building industry!

"Most Gossip is just envy in disguise."

"People are quick to believe the things they hear about good people."

Two of my favorite quotes about rumors as more and more I hear the what the competition comes up with to try to win a project we are both bidding on. But my favorite.

If you are reading this please don't take offense to the idiot part, you have to do do your due diligence in the market today.

Everywhere we turn nowadays we are closer and closer to someone scamming us, stealing our identity, stealing our money.

But as I speak with people around the country and hear what the competition is saying about the company I pour my heart and soul into on a weekly basis, I feel it's time to get it addressed.

I have never got the practice in sales of "banging the competition". Thank goodness I have never worked for anyone that taught it, and out and out lies about the competition just feels so, what's the word? Ickey? Weird? Desperate?

Yes, we are a smaller family run business. %90 of our business comes from referrals, we have a smaller "landing page" website and keep it that way because of S.E.O, we are a project company and don't really get the "need" to have a 1,000 page website when we are going to design build over the phone or at one of our offices.

Speaking of offices...

Rumor #1 I have heard lately. They don't have offices, they are run out of a trailer.

I love this one, and sometimes wish it we're true so I did not have to travel back and forth from Philadelphia to Marathon.

Our corporate office is in Philadelphia, Pa 1617 JFK Blvd to be exact.

You should come visit us. The office is awesome.

Take a look.

We also have an office in sunny Marathon Florida, I'll walk through with a video soon, but this is me in front, working on a Saturday but getting ready to get wet!

As to other "tales" you may hear about us.

Just ask, better yet ask our clients.

We have a building near you and our clients love us because we stand buildings up, with no surprises.

Again, ask our customers, ask to speak with theirs. It really is easy to figure these things out with a bit of due diligence, and I know we all want a "sale", we all want to save money.

But, this is a construction project no matter how you spin it, and a steel construction project at that. There is no "sale" steel, or I would have found it.

In the end, our customers are always happy, and that's what matters.

I'll leave you with this.

A regionally known winery came to us last year to design build a building that is going to be the showcase on their winery.

It is going to be a showcase for the whole northeast, if not the country.

They have secured grants, it's not your typical steel building project.

They have to stay in budget, it cannot change, they have to meet certain deadlines with permitting, with concrete, with construction.

It needs to be open by certain date.

They spoke with everyone, bidded the project out to everyone, and decided to go with Ithaca Steel.

It will be the most beautiful building in the North East, if not the country, we have hit every milestone with timeframes, and their price has NEVER changed.

It will be erected in May.

Check it out and thanks for reading.

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