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Color Considerations

1:12 | 2:12 Roof Pitch?

Sun exposure, climate, weather and heat absorption will always trump aesthetics'.

It's exciting picking colors for your new building.

Company branding, matching your garage with your home, your significant other's favorite color:).

With an array of color selections, there are three important considerations you should keep in mind before you land on your final choice.

  • Darker colors lead to increased solar gain which then will create higher temp's and higher energy bills.

  • Lighter, more reflective colors help maintain cooler temperatures, but can also cause problems with reflectivity and glare.

  • There may be local regulations and restrictions that limit your choices.

Energy efficiency and sustainability are two of the most important aspects of any new construction project – not just because you care about the environment and conserving natural resources, but also because local codes and regulations often require a certain level of energy performance. The Cool Roof Rating Council was established to identify and choose colors which help keep buildings cool.


A cool-colored roof can really make a difference. Simply by selecting a cool color, it’s possible to drop the temperature of a wall by 50° – often resulting in a 7-15% reduction in heating and cooling bills.

A galvalume roof cool colors are especially important for flat and low-slope roofs, which tend to trap heat in the air above them, while steeper pitches encourage air movement.


Watch for glare restrictions with HOA's, building departments, and close to airports. A "white reflective roof" may look and work great, but may not be permittable.

Check and check again:

Regulation is everywhere and seems building codes change on a daily basis, especially with steel building construction. Colors have a huge effect on energy solutions and is being more and more scrutinized by and regulated.


Ask your sales rep or project manager at Ithaca Steel about different choices and nuances to spare a hassle down the line, and to make sure you love your color choice and most important, it will get permitted.

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