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Podcast Interview

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

My name is Chris Hampton and being a national Sales manager for Ithaca Steel Buildings I am privileged to work on many of the larger commercial projects we excel at here.

While working a large commercial "Flex Space" project in Chesapeake Virginia our client asked if it was OK to put the person who was financing hi project with to reach out to be on his podcast.

I was a bit hesitant at first as I have never done a podcast, and most financing companies hooked up with steel building companies are "predatory" and It's better to just not be involved in the financing from our stand point.

I did take the call and I'm very glad I did.

Paul Neal does this podcast, The Entrepreneurial Agent %100 to help business owners, entrepreneurs and the like navigate, well, everything. He is dedicated to helping and his ideals line up exactly like ours at Ithaca Steel.

He has been talking to a lot of his clients about different construction methods and steel buildings have been coming up a bunch.

Both Paul and our client where very impressed how we do business and take care of our customers that he asked me to join him.

I do believe we covered a bunch of really good information for folks looking at building with steel and I believe it can help a lot of folks out.

Watch it YouTube here. Or visit,

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