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Complex | Large | Intricate | A Few Major Projects Ithaca Steel Has Been Involved In 2022

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

There is a reason when small businesses, mid-large corporations, developers and contractors are turning to Ithaca Steel for their complex and large building projects.

We do it right!

With customer satisfaction our focus, we pride ourselves on getting the engineering correct from the start, securing steel and having no change order escalation clauses, meeting timeframes and working with the best partners.

From the top of Maine down the 95 to our corporate office in Philadelphia and on down to our second office in Marathon Florida. Ithaca Steel is involved in a major steel building project.

Take a look, and check back because a lot of these projects are getting stood as I write this.

Not as complex as some others but this 12,800/sf has a 26' eave height making the the peak height with a 4:12 pitch a close to 40'!!!!! You can see it from Florida!!

But seriously, client was very budget conscious as the building will be a income generator for years to come.

With no change orders, and no steel increases we stayed within budget the duration. By meeting timeframes client is now making money.

Some of the below projects are completed!! Or getting very close. Watch this video.

Legattes Farm/Willow Creek Winery:

98'x130 | 12,740/sf

Custom Colors | Monitor Style

International Painting Contractor | Cherry Hills NJ | 32,000/sf

Office Building attached to a single slope warehouse.

Steel is delivered, foundation is poured and construction starts October 31.

Even with some unforeseen hold ups in permitting and concrete, we were able to keep the steel price the same even with market steel increases.

A very complex building with glass, mezzanines, even wood. With a gable office portion connecting to a single slope. Our estimators and engineers knocked it out of the park.

Please note on the engineered drawings, drawings are stamped Ithaca Steel and we will not "broker" your building.

Ensuring our quality and standards with no short cuts and again, no steel price increases.

And More:

Paving Contractor: 10,000/sf | PA

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